I have been photographing for more than 50 years, initially building my expertise in the disciplines of black and white photography and printmaking. Early on, I was mentored by the very fine commercial and fine arts photographer, Peter Vaeth. For his guidance and direction at a time when my photography was in its formative stages, I am forever grateful. I am also most fortunate to have studied under one of my great inspirations, W. Eugene Smith. Gene is, of course, world famous for his “Life Magazine” photo essays and is one of the pioneers of modern day photojournalism.

In recent years, I have moved my photography entirely into digital realm. I have enjoyed learning the skills required in this new photographic medium and have fully integrated my traditional background into them.

Although there is little that I do not enjoy photographing, I have always been drawn to and concentrated on people… in their formal and casual settings as well as in the neighborhoods of many of the world’s great cities, small towns and remote places.

My home on Virginia’s Eastern Shore is replete with those small towns and remote places and is as close to heaven as I may ever get.

I have had several exhibitions of my work including shows in Connecticut and New York’s Greenwich Village, and my photographs have been published in, among other places, the Franklin and Marshall College “Alumni Arts Review” from its inception in 2012, through the most recent, 2020 edition. I currently teach photography at our local community college.

Sadly, John passed away at his beloved home on the Eastern Shore on March 29, 2024. He will be missed dearly.